Cost of Medical Malpractice

The costs of medical malpractice vary from case to case and even state to state. To give you an idea of the cost of medical malpractice, here are some examples of medical malpractice cases across the US and their estimated settlement costs.
In New Jersey, a podiatrist (foot doctor) failed to accurately diagnose a 58-year old woman suffering from diabetes. The doctor was not also able to treat her infected foot ulcer which resulted to the amputation of her big toe and metatarsal bone. The podiatrist even altered his records to hide his mistake, but was later on found out by authorities.
Settlement Cost: $425,000
In Florida, a young woman suffering from draining foot ulcer for nine months was not treated properly by her podiatrist. Her bone became infected and the leg was amputated. The doctor even blamed this young woman, a mother of two, for not following his instructions properly. Eventually, it was found out that the doctor was fake.
Settlement Cost: $300,000
Also in Florida, there was a podiatrist who performed surgery on an elderly client who had serious peripheral vascular disease. In a week after the procedure, the patient developed gangrene and her leg was amputated. The doctor maintained an insurance coverage of only $100,000 and this amount was awarded by the doctor's insurer.
Policy Limit Recovery: $100,000
In Arizona, a podiatrist repaired the torn Achilles tendon of a young lady. After some time, the tendon ruptured again which meant that the surgery the podiatrist performed was not good enough. When the lady was brought to the operating room for another surgery, the hospital refused to let the doctor do the operation as he did not actually have the privileges in perform such surgery- because he was a fake doctor.
Settlement Cost: $115,000
In Florida, a physician was not able to diagnose the necrotizing fasciitis of the client's leg and discharged her with a "groin strain" instead. A few days after, the woman was confined in the hospital where she had near-death treatment in intensive care, 12 surgeries, hyperbaric oxygen, and physical therapy for about 60 days. She became disabled and one eye became damaged due as a result of infections and coma.
Settlement Cost: $500,000
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